Pairing Multiple 8BitDo SN30 Pro Controllers to Batocera

I recently set up Batocera on an old Dell SFF desktop that I wasn’t using for anything else. I figured it would make a decent gaming rig for not only classic 8-bit and 16-bit emulators but also more advanced 3D consoles like Nintendo 64 and GameCube. Initially I used two Xbox 360 controllers with a…

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Zemismart Blinds Device Page

Home Assistant Not Autodiscovering Cover Entity with Zigbee2MQTT Addon

I recently purchased a new Sonoff Zigbee USB dongle and wanted to try running Zigbee2MQTT again instead of Home Assistant’s built-in ZHA integration. ZHA has a nice UI for managing devices, but it didn’t always work great with my Zemismart blind motor and Zigbee2MQTT has been updated quite a bit since I last used it…

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My RetroPie Tweaks

I recently lost my RetroPie SD card due to corruption and had to recreate my RetroPie setup. So I thought I’d document my personal post-install steps this time around. I use a Raspberry Pi 3B+ connected to an Onkyo receiver, a couple of Xbox 360 controllers connected to a USB wireless adapter, 8BitDo SN30 pro…

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Install DOSBox-X on macOS When the Developer Cannot Be Verified

When I tried running DOSBox-X on my MacBook Pro with macOS Monterey (this seems to have better compatibility/performance on macOS than the original DOSBox), a window popped up saying DOSBox-X cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified. The window only offered two options–Move to Trash or Cancel. I could not override this and…

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Update DeepStack in Windows 10 for Blue Iris

I’m running Blue Iris with the DeepStack AI integration using the officially supported method with DeepStack running in Windows 10 on the same hardware as Blue Iris. I recently wanted to update DeepStack but couldn’t find Blue Iris-specific documentation on how to do this. It turns out to be very straightforward if things are done…

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Truncate the home-assistant.log file Using a Shell Command

When my Home Assistant instance goes a couple weeks between restarts, the home-assistant.log file can grow to nearly a gigabyte in size if there are any integrations that are throwing error messages regularly. Even on an Intel NUC with a 128GB SSD this was making my snapshots/backups too large in size and using up all…

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Xbox One controller and Apple TV remote

Reset Controller Buttons on Steam Link for tvOS

Lately I’ve been using an Xbox One controller paired to the Apple TV for playing tvOS games. I recently installed the Steam Link tvOS app to play PC games from Steam on it. However I ran into a problem with configuring the controller’s buttons that I could not undo in an obvious way. The Steam…

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Adding a CT101 Z-Wave Thermostat to Home Assistant

These are the steps I used to successfully pair a CT101 Z-Wave thermostat with my USB Z-Wave stick running with Home Assistant. These steps were not totally clear in the instructions that came with the thermostat, so I wanted to write them down here. Put the Z-Wave USB stick into pairing mode; this varies depending…

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How to Increase Sensitivity on Aqara Vibration Sensor with Home Assistant ZHA

I recently purchased an Aqara vibration sensor, but the default sensitivity wasn’t working for my application. The sensor was connected to Home Assistant via the Zigbee Home Automation (ZHA) integration using a GoControl HUSBZB-1. I didn’t see an obvious way to change the sensitivity on the sensor, but fortunately I came across a forum post…

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