Auto-dial Teleconference Codes using iPhone


So I just discovered this handy tip and thought I’d pass it along.

iPhone will auto-dial conference codes for you if the number is written in a particular format in the location or description fields of a calendar event. The phone number and conference code will be colored to show they are a telephone hyperlink.

There are two formats that iPhone supports. My preferred format is the semicolon separator: 555-555-5555;123456#. This will dial the phone number and display a button that will auto-dial the 123456# when you press it.

iPhone Conference Call Event
Phone numbers followed by a conference code in the proper format will be hyperlinked to auto-dial the conference code.
iPhone Conference Call Dialer
The button in the lower-right will auto-dial the conference code.

The iPhone will also parse “code:” as a semicolon (and possibly other separators that I haven’t tested) for the same result (e.g. 555-555-5555 code: 123456#). The phone number and conference code must be on the same line.

The second format uses a comma separator and dials the code after 2 seconds: 555-555-5555,123456#. If you need to wait four seconds, use two commas: 555-555-5555,,123456#.

This feature is nothing new, and other smartphones have this capability too (although their formats may differ). However, now that I’m aware of it I’ll be formatting my meeting requests accordingly.


  1. This isn't new and can be put in contacts too (since the first iPhone). There is a "+*#" button, this will give you an option to put *, #, Wait, or a pause. This comes in handy in you need to put someone's extension in there number.

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