Enable Higher Resolutions for GRID on PC

Screenshot of GRID running in 1080p resolution.

I’ve had the game GRID for a few years, but never got around to playing it. Now that I’m using an nVidia GeForce 770 video card, I wanted to enjoy the game in 1080p with all graphics options turned on. Unfortunately when I installed and started up the game, I was only able to select […]

Fix Blank Screen in Spider-man 3 for PC

I never played the Spider-man 3 video game when it came out (although I loved Spider-man 2 on the original Xbox), but I recently received the PC version as a gift from my girlfriend (we occasionally buy random items off each others’ Amazon.com wish lists) and installed it on my desktop PC. Unfortunately, when I […]

A Great Example of Integrating Mobile Apps with Video Games: Galaxy at War in Mass Effect 3

I’m a huge Mass Effect fan, and I was excited to learn that the final installment in the  Mass Effect trilogy was going to include a meta-game system that would influence the outcome of the game. I’ve always thought it would be cool to be able to somehow interact with a game even when I wasn’t actually playing it. This has already been done to some degree with other games, but with Mass Effect 3 I think Bioware and EA have set a new standard.

Mass Effect 3 screenshot
Screenshot of Mass Effect 3

The meta-game system is called “Galaxy at War” and includes the multiplayer co-operative mode in Mass Effect 3 (included with the game), the Mass Effect Infiltrator iOS game (paid app), and the Mass Effect 3 Datapad iOS app (free). Each allows a player to add to his/her “galactic readiness” in the single player game. By increasing the readiness level, the player can achieve a more favorable outcome in the game. (more…)

Turn Off Compatibility Mode for Steam

Sometimes when Steam crashes or there is a problem with it (or a game running from it) Windows 7 thinks that Steam needs to run in compatibility mode. This is a problem, because Steam doesn’t need to be in compatibility mode and shouldn’t be. Compatibility mode can cause issues with some games. Unfortunately turning this off isn’t […]

Play an Enhanced Version of Descent FreeSpace 2 with FS2Open

Screenshot of FS2 Open in Eyefinity 3

Descent FreeSpace 2 needs no introduction to most PC gamers who grew up in the 90s. To this day it’s one of the best space combat simulation ever made in my opinion. I don’t think it tops the X-Wing and TIE Fighter games, but it’s still a must-have for sci-fi and space simulation fans.

If you were to install FreeSpace 2 without any modifications, it would still hold up OK. However, thanks to the release of its source code several years ago, the FreeSpace 2 Source Code Project (FSSCP) has made a ton of enhancements to the game, culminating in the current version of FreeSpace 2 Open (FS2Open – 3.6.12 as of this writing). With a little extra work, you can enjoy FreeSpace 2 with modern graphics and audio, several additional campaigns, and even the entire FreeSpace 1 campaign. (more…)

Left4Dead 2 Demo Thoughts

I had a chance to play through the Left4Dead 2 demo last night, and I can say that I am even more excited for the new game to come out in November! The demo showed off some of Left4Dead 2’s new additions to the special infected, weapons, and other items. It also showed an evolution of the level design that I’m really happy with.


Left4Dead has a memorable cast of survivors. After hours of playing online with my friends, I feel like I know the survivors pretty well. Thousands of lines of dialogue, mostly one-off comments, really add to their depth. With Left4Dead 2, the survivors are developed the same way. I’m looking forward to listening to the dialogue throughout the game. Even the few lines I heard in the demo help to flesh out the characters. So far each survivor has come across just as strong as those from the original game.

The survivors of Left4Dead 2
The survivors of Left4Dead 2


Left4Dead 2 has some new weapons, and the original weapons that are returning have been tweaked from the original game. The pistol does not feel as accurate as it did in Left4Dead, but it looks heftier and produces a satisfying gunshot sound when used. Headshots with the pistol are an instant kill, and it can take limbs off with a well-placed bullet.

The pump shotgun is back as well. It acts like it has a full choke, but it is still accurate well past what I would realistically expect. Still, it is very satisfying to use. One surprise from the demo is that the shotgun will not always take down an infected with just one shot unless it takes off a limb or the head. In Left4Dead, the shotgun was an almost guaranteed kill with a body shot. In Left4Dead 2 that is not necessarily the case unless you shoot an infected in the back. The shotgun also feels slower to reload, similar to the way it reloads when it is completely empty in the first game.