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Zemismart Blinds Device Page

Home Assistant Not Autodiscovering Cover Entity with Zigbee2MQTT Addon

I recently purchased a new Sonoff Zigbee USB dongle and wanted to try running Zigbee2MQTT again instead of Home Assistant’s built-in ZHA integration. ZHA has a nice UI for managing devices, but it didn’t always work great with my Zemismart blind motor and Zigbee2MQTT has been updated quite a bit since I last used it…

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Fix Onkyo App and Home Assistant Not Connecting to Onkyo Receiver

The other day I noticed that my Onkyo Receiver was not showing up in Home Assistant, nor was the Onkyo Remote app on my phone able to connect to it. After some searching I came across this post suggesting a solution. The fix is to edit the receiver’s name in its Network Settings and remove…

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Setting Up a Samba Share to Edit Home Assistant Configuration Files

To make editing configuration files easier, I wanted to be able to remotely edit them with my preferred text editor rather than using nano via the command line. Because I'm using Hassbian for my Home Assistant installation, I used the hassbian script for setting up a Samba share. The script shares the /home/homeassistant/.homeassistant directory–which contains…

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Incorporate a Motorola WiFi Baby Monitor into Home Assistant

We recently purchased a Motorola WiFi baby monitor and i wanted to see if I could incorporate it into Home Assistant. Full disclosure–we ultimately were not happy with the monitor and returned it, but for anyone who uses it and enjoys it, this may be useful. An internet search led me to this blog post…

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Control AV Receiver Zone 2 with Harmony Hub (and Alexa)

I recently upgraded to a 4K-capable AV receiver and had to update my Harmony Hub devices and activities. When I did, I noticed that the commands for controlling zone 2 of the new receiver were not available in the Harmony app (whereas they were available for my previous receiver). Initially I thought I’d just need to…

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