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Using Emojis in SharePoint Classic Web Part Titles

I recently helped a client create a COVID-19 page on their intranet, which is still using on-premises SharePoint 2013. To add some visual flair to the page, I used emojis in the web part titles. It’s funny, I haven’t done a lot of work on SharePoint Classic pages in years, and back then emojis were…

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Editing the Embed Code for a SharePoint 2013 Video Content Type

The other day I needed to change the embed code for a video in a publishing site’s “Images” library that was using the video content type in SharePoint 2013. This content type–based on the document set I believe–allows you to either upload a video file, provide a URL to a video file, or paste in…

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I Made a Tool to Generate Images Using Office UI Fabric Icons

I’ve been working on a new intranet project that uses modern communication sites in SharePoint Online, and we’re using the new Quick Links web part in two places; one to display links to important intranet pages using the “compact” view, and another to display links to external news articles using the “filmstrip” view. We needed…

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