Fix: Slow-Loading and Refreshing Downloads Folder in Windows 7


My Downloads folder in Windows 7 has been very slow lately when I open it. The address/breadcrumb bar for the folder shows the green progress bar creeping oh-so-slowly while I wait for the items in the folder to show up. I came across this post about fixing this very issue and thought I’d share it.

Right-click on the Downloads folder and select “Properties.” Click on the Customize tab and change the Optimize this folder for option to “General Items” to fix the slow-loading issue. Piece of cake!

Optimize the Downloads folder for General Items
Select "General Items" on the Customize tab


  1. Thanks, I have also facing same problem for few days.. this method resolved the problem
  2. That solved my issue too. It was optimized for pictures. Thanks...
  3. I can't believe it was such a simple problem, and logical at that. It really started to annoy the hell out of me, so i have to thank you for posting this.
  4. my windows 7 home edition does not have cusstomize tab. any suggestion?
    1. Try the fixes suggested here:
  5. Awesome.. that fixed for me as well.. :) thank you Josh
  6. Thank you!!! This issue has been driving me crazy for a while. I must not have entered the correct keys the last time I searched for a solution. Feel very lucky to have come across your post. Thank you for sharing.

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