I’m Participating in the SOPA Blackout


I try to keep my personal politics off of my blog site because its focus is more on my hobbies involving technology. However, I feel very strongly that SOPA and PIPA are crossing a line onto a slippery slope (look at that, two cliches in one sentence!) of internet censorship.

Is piracy a problem? Of course it is. Should the government do something to reduce it? Of course it should. But SOPA is not the answer.

SOPA Blackout Plugin

If you are reading this on January 18, 2012, you’ll have noticed that a message about SOPA popped up before you could access my site. I’m using the Stop SOPA Widget plugin to do this (you can also add this JavaScript snippet to any site manually). It’s simple and gets the job done with no fuss. I encourage all WordPress.org users to participate by installing one of the available SOPA plugins and enabling it on January 18, 2012. And of course, call or write to your representatives in Congress!