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Update 2016-12-17: I release a new version of this plugin on the official WordPress plugin repository. Head over there or search for “flurry” in your WordPress site’s “Plugins > Add New” admin page.

Update 2013-12-09: jSnow is not compatible with recent versions of jQuery. Download my latest falling snow WordPress plugin at https://github.com/joshmcrty/jam-flurry. All other information below remains accurate.

Update (12/12/2011): I made a couple of small tweaks to optimize the file size after noticing an issue with the WordPress 3.3 update today. If you downloaded version 0.1 of this plugin, I recommend grabbing version 0.2. The link to the plugin above has been updated to point to the new version.

I love using JavaScript to add simple holiday effects to a website. I’ve tried several different “falling snow” WordPress plugins for my blog, but none of them quite fit my personal tastes. Instead I started looking for a good JavaScript or jQuery plugin that I could wrap up myself as a WordPress Plugin. Eventually I came across an updated/modified version of the jSnow plugin for jQuery.

I liked the simplicity of the plugin and the fact that it performs rather well on all of the browsers I tested (as with most of these animated JavaScripts, performance is highly dependent on the browser and computer itself). I also liked the fade out effect and the fact that I could set it to have a short height, essentially keeping the “falling snow” effect within my website header.

If you want to add this to your WordPress site, download my jSnow Falling Snow WordPress Plugin, unzip the contents, and upload the jsnow folder via FTP to your WordPress plugins directory (wp-content/plugins/). Or, you can use WordPress’ built-in plugin uploader by following these steps:

First, go to your Plugins page and click the Add New button:

Screenshot of page to add new plugins.
Use the Add New Button to upload the jSnow plugin.

Next, click the Upload link and browse to the jsnow.zip file that you downloaded. Then click the Install Now button:

Screenshot of page to upload a plugin.
Use the Upload link to upload the ZIP file.

Once the plugin has been uploaded and installed, click the Activate Plugin link.

Screenshot of plugin installation page.
Once the plugin has been installed, activate it!

You should now have falling snow at the top of your site!

Screenshot of joshmccarty.com with jSnow activated.
jSnow will now add a falling snow effect to the top of your website.

Note: This plugin has no configuration options (yet) and it is not date-sensitive (yet). You’ll need to deactivate it from the Plugins page when you no longer want to display the “falling snow” effect on your site. If you want to change the options, you can open the jsnow.jQuery.js file in a text editor and modify the default values at the bottom of the script.

If you have any suggestions or questions, leave them in the comments!


  1. Hello Josh! thanks for the cool plugin. I was wondering wether there is a way to have users activate / deactivate the snow when using the website?
    1. Hi Hadolphe, In the last two years jQuery has dropped support for browser detection (which jSnow relied on). Because WordPress updates the version of jQuery that it ships with, if your WordPress site is up-to-date the jSnow plugin won't work. I wrote my own falling snow plugin from scratch based on the functionality of jSnow that works in the latest version of jQuery all the way down to version 1.0. As part of this change, I also updated the WordPress plugin and tested it in WordPress 3.7.1. You can download the new WordPress plugin at https://github.com/joshmcrty/jam-flurry or grab just the jQuery plugin at http://plugins.jquery.com/flurry/

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