Reolink Doorbell Keeps Disconnecting from Blue Iris

Smart Home

I recently purchased a Reolink PoE Doorbell to replace a DoorBird D101. I was able to add it to Blue Iris, but it kept disconnecting randomly. I found a post on Reddit that mentioned the Reolink PoE Doorbell can only handle two concurrent main streams using ONVIF. I had Blue Iris streaming both the main and substream, and I also had Scrypted using both streams to integrate the doorbell into HomeKit. I think this was overworking the doorbell camera to the point that it wasn’t keeping up with providing all of the streams and would reboot or something.

I set both Blue Iris and Scrypted to only use the main stream with no substreams (the main stream is 2560×1920 resolution which is better than 1080p but smaller than 4K so my Blue Iris CPU could handle it just fine for motion detection using hardware acceleration). I also unchecked the Send RTSP keep-alives option for the doorbell camera in Blue Iris’ Network IP camera configuration for the doorbell because I saw that tip mentioned as well.

I don’t know if one or both of these changes did the trick, but for now my doorbell camera isn’t going offline or becoming unresponsive multiple times a day.