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Screenshot of Scrypted NVR camera with event list.

Setting up Scrypted NVR on Ubuntu with Docker Compose and Coral TPU

I’ve been using the free version of Scrypted for almost a year to bring my non-HomeKit security cameras and doorbell into HomeKit. I was able to quickly spin up the docker container on my Synology NAS (I’m running a DS918+), add my cameras (mostly Amcrest and a Reolink PoE Doorbell), and then add them to…

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Roborock S7 Wi-Fi and Reset indicators

Roborock iOS App Won’t Connect to Vacuum For Wi-Fi Setup

I recently had to reset my Roborock S7 vacuum Wi-Fi, and when following the instructions in the iOS app I was getting stuck at “Phone is being connected to device…”. Fortunately I found a solution on reddit. The solution was to turn off cellular data on my iPhone, then go through the Wi-Fi reset/connection process.…

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Reolink Doorbell Keeps Disconnecting from Blue Iris

I recently purchased a Reolink PoE Doorbell to replace a DoorBird D101. I was able to add it to Blue Iris, but it kept disconnecting randomly. I found a post on Reddit that mentioned the Reolink PoE Doorbell can only handle two concurrent main streams using ONVIF. I had Blue Iris streaming both the main…

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CodeProject.AI identifying a car in a security camera image

Fix CodeProject.AI Service Not Starting in Windows

I run CodeProject.AI alongside Blue Iris on a refurbished Dell Optiplex 7050 to enable person/vehicle detection for my security cameras. Things generally have worked well since moving away from DeepStack to CodeProject.AI, but recently I started getting AI timeouts in my Blue Iris logs. It turns out CodeProject.AI was not running, and I couldn’t get…

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Zemismart Blinds Device Page

Home Assistant Not Autodiscovering Cover Entity with Zigbee2MQTT Addon

I recently purchased a new Sonoff Zigbee USB dongle and wanted to try running Zigbee2MQTT again instead of Home Assistant’s built-in ZHA integration. ZHA has a nice UI for managing devices, but it didn’t always work great with my Zemismart blind motor and Zigbee2MQTT has been updated quite a bit since I last used it…

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Update DeepStack in Windows 10 for Blue Iris

I’m running Blue Iris with the DeepStack AI integration using the officially supported method with DeepStack running in Windows 10 on the same hardware as Blue Iris. I recently wanted to update DeepStack but couldn’t find Blue Iris-specific documentation on how to do this. It turns out to be very straightforward if things are done…

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Truncate the home-assistant.log file Using a Shell Command

When my Home Assistant instance goes a couple weeks between restarts, the home-assistant.log file can grow to nearly a gigabyte in size if there are any integrations that are throwing error messages regularly. Even on an Intel NUC with a 128GB SSD this was making my snapshots/backups too large in size and using up all…

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Adding a CT101 Z-Wave Thermostat to Home Assistant

These are the steps I used to successfully pair a CT101 Z-Wave thermostat with my USB Z-Wave stick running with Home Assistant. These steps were not totally clear in the instructions that came with the thermostat, so I wanted to write them down here. Put the Z-Wave USB stick into pairing mode; this varies depending…

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How to Increase Sensitivity on Aqara Vibration Sensor with Home Assistant ZHA

I recently purchased an Aqara vibration sensor, but the default sensitivity wasn’t working for my application. The sensor was connected to Home Assistant via the Zigbee Home Automation (ZHA) integration using a GoControl HUSBZB-1. I didn’t see an obvious way to change the sensitivity on the sensor, but fortunately I came across a forum post…

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Fix Aeotec Water Sensor Not Working with Home Assistant

Update 2022-05-12: This was originally posted when the legacy Z-Wave integration was in use. Using Z-Wave JS I believe you will need to enable the parameter 121 setting for “On Trigger: Send Binary Sensor Report” is toggled on as shown in the next screenshot. The original article follows the screenshot: I picked up a couple…

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