SharePoint Custom List with Custom Content Types and Custom Display Forms

I recently ran into an issue with using multiple content types on a custom list in SharePoint. I wanted each content type to have its own custom display form (DispFormCustom1.aspx, DispFormCustom2.aspx, etc.). Using SharePoint Designer (SPD), you can right-click on the list, open the list properties, and view the Supporting Files tab to select a page for each content type. However, there is a trick to getting different content types to use different custom forms. (more…)

Load SharePoint Web-optimized Images into a DVWP

It finally happened. I’m starting a SharePoint category on my blog.

So, I recently worked on a project in which users were encouraged to upload photos that they took at volunteer events around the country. The stakeholder wanted to have a slideshow of these images on the event home page, and of course it had to look good.

I immediately thought of using a Data View Web Part and some jQuery because I knew I could create a nice-looking slideshow using one of the many jQuery plugins available on the web. However, I wanted to make sure the images looked good and fit within the slide show’s boundaries.

Luckily for me SharePoint creates web-optimized and thumbnail versions of images when they are uploaded into a Picture Library (not to be confused with the standard “Images” document library that is created for a site with the Publishing feature enabled). The tricky part was getting those optimized versions to load on the page instead of the original images, some of which were small, and some of which were many megapixels in size. Fortunately most of the leg work for this project was already done thanks to this post on the blog.