Home Assistant Not Autodiscovering Cover Entity with Zigbee2MQTT Addon

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Zemismart Blinds Device Page

I recently purchased a new Sonoff Zigbee USB dongle and wanted to try running Zigbee2MQTT again instead of Home Assistant’s built-in ZHA integration. ZHA has a nice UI for managing devices, but it didn’t always work great with my Zemismart blind motor and Zigbee2MQTT has been updated quite a bit since I last used it so I figured I would give it a shot.

I still had the Zigbee2MQTT addon repository in my Home Assistant addon store, so I installed the addon, entered my MQTT server information, and started it up. I paired my blind motor with the new USB dongle via the Zigbee2MQTT frontend and saw the link quality sensor show up right away in Home Assistant. However the cover entity to control the blinds did not show up.

I found a post on reddit that explained the issue; there is a new addon repository that the most recent versions of the Zigbee2MQTT addon can be installed from. The repository that I still had in my addon store was no longer pointing to the latest version. Once I added the new repository, stopped the old addon, installed the latest Zigbee2MQTT addon version, and entered the necessary configuration settings, I was back up and running with the cover entity for my blinds showing up! I then safely uninstalled the old addon version and removed the old repository from the addon store.