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Create a Shortcut to Start XAMPP in Ubuntu

I do most of my WordPress development using a combination of VirtualBox and Ubuntu. Over time I’ve developed a few simple tips that make my workflow a little more efficient, so I wanted to share them with anyone else who read my previous tutorial on setting up a VM as a WordPress development environment. Running…

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Install WordPress on a Ubuntu Virtual Machine using VirtualBox

I decided to start a fun new project by setting up a development environment for WordPress. My primary goals are to have something I can use on my desktop or laptop without worrying about cluttering up the operating system (OS)on my PCs or scattering project files all across my home network. My buddy Justin over at…

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Where did all my content go?

Fix: WordPress Post Content Disappears with Too Many Shortcodes

I’ve been working on a longer post that I plan on splitting up over several pages. It’s a tutorial/walkthrough that includes a lot of images. Everything was going great until I decided to preview the post. For some reason when I viewed the post, it would only show the post title and metadata, but not…

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Windows Live Writer Impressions

Windows 7 and Live Essentials include a blogging tool called Windows Live Writer. I thought I’d try it out as a way to blog offline and then easily post into my site. This article is being written with it and is the first time I’ve attempted to use it. So far it seems pretty cool,…

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WordPress for Android

I just installed the WordPress for Android app on my phone and thought I’d test it out by making a quick post. For all you other bloggers out there who want to post from your phone, be sure to enable XML-RPC protocols in your Settings > Writing page. Then go to android.wordpress.org to learn more…

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