Update DeepStack in Windows 10 for Blue Iris

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I’m running Blue Iris with the DeepStack AI integration using the officially supported method with DeepStack running in Windows 10 on the same hardware as Blue Iris. I recently wanted to update DeepStack but couldn’t find Blue Iris-specific documentation on how to do this. It turns out to be very straightforward if things are done in the right order.

First, download the latest version of DeepStack for Windows for CPU or GPU (depending on how you use it).

Download the appropriate DeepStack version for Windows

Next, open up the Blue Iris application in Windows, open the settings and go to the AI tab. Click on the Stop now button for DeepStack. DeepStack must be stopped before an update can be installed.

Stop DeepStack via the Blue Iris AI settings tab

Once DeepStack is stopped (the button will change to say “Start now”) you can run the installation for the new version. This will take a few minutes and should overwrite the existing version.

DeepStack will install over the old version

Once the installation is complete, go back to Blue Iris and click the Start now button for DeepStack to start it back up. Verify that DeepStack is working with the “Test in browser” link just under the button. I also restart Blue Iris for good measure at this point, but I don’t think it’s necessary.

Start DeepStack via the Blue Iris AI settings tab

Now Blue Iris is sending images for processing to the latest version of DeepStack!


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