Use an Image for a Person Entity in Home Assistant

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Update 2021-03-16: You can now use the UI to upload a picture for a person entity, which is much faster and easier than following my original instructions below. See

I recently started using the person component in Home Assistant, but I did not see an obvious way to associate a photo with the person entities I wanted to keep track of. It turns out this is very straightforward, and you can either set the photo via the customization UI or manually using customize.yaml via the entity_picture attribute. See

To use the UI, go to the Configuration screen, then Customization:

Select the person entity you want to assign a photo to, then select “Other” from the Pick an Attribute to Override options:

Enter “entity_picture” as the Attribute name and the URL to the photo as the Attribute value. In my case, I had stored the photos in the “www” folder within my Home Assistant config folder, but you could use the URL for a profile picture from Twitter, etc:

Be sure to save the changes, then you should see the photo instead of the generic person icon in the UI.


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